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gmc acadia shift to park lawsuit

GMC Acadia Shift to Park Lawsuit

If you are a GMC customer or driver of the 2017 to 2019 GMC Acadia, your car may be subject to a class action lawsuit for a gear shifter defect. According to reports, Acadia drivers have had trouble getting their cars into park, which can lead to serious safety concerns.

honda infotainment issues

Honda Infotainment Issues and Class Action Lawsuit

Honda infotainment issues could be impacting millions of Honda Civic vehicles.

If you are a 2016-2020 Honda Civic driver, then you may be affected by a class action lawsuit against Honda. The lawsuit alleges that Honda has knowingly been selling Civics with defective infotainment systems.



This defect has caused problems with the Civic's

chevy bolt fire recall

Chevy Bolt Fire Recall

GM is expanding their current Chevrolet Bolt fire recall to now include all Chevy bolt vehicles. As of now, all Chevy Bolt electric vehicles (2017-2022) are under recall for having high-voltage battery packs which are at risk of catching fire.

This recall includes those Bolt EVs that may have received an earlier recall repair for the fire risk issue. 

tesla window recall

Tesla Window Recall Issued On Over One Million Vehicles

If you're a Tesla driver, your vehicle may be one of over a million vehicles that have been recalled for faulty windows.

Tesla has issued a recall for almost 1.1 million vehicles in the US for a possible issue with their power windows The defect could actually cause the windows to pinch drivers.

chrysler oil consumption lawsuit

Chrysler Oil Consumption Lawsuit

Update: Chrysler Oil Consumption Lawsuit

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC) is in the midst of a Chrysler oil Consumption lawsuit.

Kia Hyundai Class Action Lawsuit for Vehicle Theft

Kia Hyundai Class Action Lawsuit for Vehicle Theft

Kia Hyundai Class Action Lawsuit for Vehicle Theft

There has been a nationwide crime spree outbreak involving the vehicle theft of certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

GMC Oil Consumption Lawsuit Update

GM Oil Consumption Lawsuit

GM Oil Consumption Lawsuit Update

Drivers who own or lease certain 2010-2014 GM vehicles have been experiencing oil consumption problems. The Court has certified that these oil consumption issues will proceed to become a class action GM oil consumption lawsuit.

Honda Idle Stop Problems

Honda Idle Stop Problems

Honda Idle Stop Problems

Honda idle stop problems are impacting certain makes and models of automakers' vehicles. Honda may be facing a class action lawsuit in the face of these issues.

Jeep Cherokee Water Leak Recall

Potential Jeep Cherokee Water Leak Recall

Potential Jeep Cherokee Water Leak Recall

The government has opened a federal investigation into water leaks that allegedly activate the electronic parking brakes in Jeep Cherokee vehicles. This raises the prospect that we may see a Jeep Cherokee water leak recall in the near future.

ram 1500 fuel pump problems

Ram 1500 Fuel Pump Problems

Ram 1500 Fuel Pump Problems

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 fuel pump problems have become evident in these Chrysler-made vehicles. As a result, vehicles. Chrysler is recalling certain Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 vehicles fitted with 3.0L diesel engines.

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