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Used Car Lemon Law Oxnard CA, Jeep Commander

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Case Description

Our Client purchased a used 2006 Jeep Commander from CarMax Auto Superstores in Oxnard, CA with 83,316 miles for $39,447.42. Approximately 2 months after purchase, the Jeep Commander e began to exhibit an airbag sensor system issue, causing the airbag warning light to activate. After multiple attempted repairs, our Client had the Jeep Commander inspected by CarMax and found that in addition to the undisclosed airbag sensor system issue there was also a transmission leak. While our Client continued to take the Jeep Commander in for multiple repairs, the Vehicle began overheating and the ABS brake warning light had activated. Soon after, our Client discovered that the Jeep Commander had developed a severe engine problem with a cracked head gasket, resulting in coolant entering the engine oil. The Vehicle was consequently inoperable and our Client decided to seek legal help.

After retaining our attorneys at Lemon Law Auto Fraud, our firm obtained a judgment against CarMax Auto Superstores West Coast, Inc. and Santander Consumer USA for a repurchase of the Jeep Commander