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New Car Lemon Law Santa Monica CA, Mercedes-Benz S550

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Case Description

Our Client purchased a new 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550 from W.I. Simonson in Santa Monica and only drove the Vehicle less than 8,000 miles per year. Soon after purchase, the S550 began exhibiting defects related to the transmission at only 6,626 miles. The S550’s defects included sudden loss of power while driving, gear shift issues, loud scraping and clicking sounds emanating from the transmission. Prior to the sixth visit to attempt transmission repairs, the S550’s transmission gears exploded at only 42,356 miles, leaving metal debris throughout the transmission casing. Other issues included braking, engine component, and suspension problems as well. Our Client realized the defects could potentially put her safety at risk and decided to contact an attorney.

After retaining our attorneys at Lemon Law Auto Fraud, our firm was able to obtain a judgment against W.I. Simonson and Mercedes-Benz USA in the sum of $107,000 on behalf of our Client.